I am a medical/science journalist who became interested in integrative medicine — combining alternative and conventional treatments — during my recovery from a stroke. When I was in my early 40s I woke up from routine surgery with half my body paralyzed as the result of a microscopic piece of tissue that had broken away and traveled through blood vessels to lodge in my brain. I was told after a modest recovery that I could expect to be disabled for life. With  two young children and a busy life, this was not an option for me. So I researched and incorporated alternative methods such as acupuncture, the Alexander Technique, craniosacral therapy, Pilates and massage into my rehab program and recovered completely. I also found these methods helpful in dealing with Marfan syndrome, an inherited disorder of the connective tissue.

Now I want to spread the word to others: Do not give up hope! We can take responsibility and “own our health,” even when faced with serious illness, pain, and injury—not as passive recipients of medical treatment, but as active partners with our doctors. Modern medicine cannot yet cure such conditions as chronic pain, arthritis, degenerative disease or digestive problems. But what if we asked our doctors to see us as more than a collection of symptoms? What if we asked them to help us strengthen and nourish our own potential to heal? How can we become more resilient to disease and pain? These are the kinds of questions I have explored in my books and hope to discuss with others through this blog.

Roanne Weisman 2017-11-20

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  1. What a powerful story. Thanks for sharing it. When you walk a road yourself, it gives you true power to help others.

    You have a wonderful blog. I will definitely check back.

    Be Well,


  2. Hi there- so happy that you found my blog. You have such an inspirational story and always feel so uplifted when I brought in touch with other who were brave enough to go against the advice of the ‘professionals’ and do for themselves what they inherently know will make them well. I would love to take that writing workshop. Definitely going to seriously consider it.

    Do keep in touch
    Meghan (The Healthy Cookie)


  3. WOW! I am linking AND RSSing you on my blog. Fantastic.


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  5. XUP

    It’s very fortuitious for me to have discovered this blog just now. I don’t know how you found me, but I’m glad you did. We’ll have to have some conversations about Crohn’s some time — something my daughter is dealing with and which we’re trying to manage without the ever-escalating cocktail of drugs the doctors want to give her. Thanks very much


  6. I found you as a fellow Canadian, of course! You might be interested in an article I had published in the May 2008 issue of Prevention magazine about (in part) a woman who overcame Crohn’s by using integrative/alternative methods and who is now completely off medication. The article is called “Our Lives Were in Our Hands.” I will e-mail you the link separately. There is also a very detailed chapter about Crohn’s in my book, “Own Your Health,” which you can find out more about on my website: http://www.roanneweisman.com. I’d be happy to talk with you too, of course, and could also put you in touch with the woman who has Crohn’s.


  7. Hey there- I hope you’re well. My new blog has changed locations. Find it at http://www.meghantelpnerblog.com

    Hope to read from you again soon


  8. Hi, We at healthagen are all about empowering patients with information at the point of care. Please check us out at http://www.healthagen.com. Thanks.


  9. I would like your readers to know:
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  10. Tim

    Hi. Great blog and it made it on my Top 10 Blog List!
    Keep up the great work.


  11. Hi My name is Richard Brennan and i am writing a book on how the Alexander Technique can help stroke victims. Can you help?
    if so my email is info@alexander.ie



  12. Canan

    I met with you at McGill hangout today, Thank you so much for sharing your blog which I was very interested in .


  13. A pleasure to meet you and glad you like the topics I cover. Be well!


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