Choosing the best from alternative & conventional medicine

Experts to guide you, research to inform you, stories to inspire you
Bronze Book-of-the-Year Award Foreword Magazine; Nautilus Book Award for Health and Healing- Get your copy on Amazon! 

“A solid reference book. A first-rate guide,” Publisher’s Weekly



Your Developing Baby-Conception to BirthConception to Birth

Witness the miraculous journey of pregnancy inside the womb

A guided tour of the development of a baby with breathtaking ultrasound images, along with easy-to-understand drawings and explanations- Get your copy on Amazon! 

Excellent Product Award, IParenting Media; Best Consumer Health Book, Library Journal



Tap into the healing powers of water to fight disease, look younger, and feel your best

Learn how a cold water gush can boost your immune system, regulate blood pressure, and fight depression and fatigue; Use European Natural Medicine to lose weight without diets, promote healing and well-being, and find balance in your life-  Get your copy on Amazon!




Helping couples cope with the complexities of illness

When one of you gets sick, two lives are dislocated. A guide for couples living at the intersection of illness and obligation- Get your copy Here! 





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