Choosing the best from alternative & conventional medicine

Experts to guide you, research to inform you, stories to inspire you
Bronze Book-of-the-Year Award Foreword Magazine; Nautilus Book Award for Health and Healing- Get your copy on Amazon! 

“A solid reference book. A first-rate guide,” Publisher’s Weekly



Your Developing Baby-Conception to BirthConception to Birth

Witness the miraculous journey of pregnancy inside the womb

A guided tour of the development of a baby with breathtaking ultrasound images, along with easy-to-understand drawings and explanations- Get your copy on Amazon! 

Excellent Product Award, IParenting Media; Best Consumer Health Book, Library Journal



Tap into the healing powers of water to fight disease, look younger, and feel your best

Learn how a cold water gush can boost your immune system, regulate blood pressure, and fight depression and fatigue; Use European Natural Medicine to lose weight without diets, promote healing and well-being, and find balance in your life-  Get your copy on Amazon!




Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 1.15.09 PM

How to fight the sickness, not each other

When illness or trauma invades the couple relationship, routines get broken, emotions intensify, communication can weaken, and for some, a partnership of equals becomes one of patient and caregiver. Valuable insights and advice to help couples living with illness or trauma not only face these challenges but also grow stronger together –  Get your copy on Amazon! 





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