Your Developing Baby: Secrets of your baby’s inner world of the womb

Your Developing Baby, Conception to Birth is the perfect “travel guide” for all pregnant couples embarking on the momentous nine-months of pregnancy. You will witness firsthand the miraculous journey to a new life from the time your body prepares for pregnancy to the moment you first hear your baby’s voice. This book is also a “must-own…for every practicing doctor or midwife today,” says a review from the National Institutes of Health:

In a single, nine-month sweep of time, a new and unique person, unlike any other born before, emerges from a single cell. Cells divide, move up, down and sideways, and divide again to create the interlocking systems and structures of a human body. The creation of every new human being is a miracle, and most pregnant couples want to know as much as they can about their new baby, even before birth.

The NIH review describes Your Developing Baby’s “spectacular” two- and three-dimensional ultrasound images of babies in the womb that are unlike anything that previous generations of expectant parents have ever seen. Even better, these images come with the benefit of easily understood diagrams and explanations from two world-renowned obstetrical radiologists. Not only is this a “must-own book” for doctors and midwives, it is also a “must-own” for all parents-to-be. Read More Reviews  or Preview This Book

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