Why I Like Tai Chi

The slow, flowing movements look like a dance, but it is what goes on inside the body that makes Tai chi different: During a class recently, I felt as if my body were getting hooked up to a universal “filling station” and being replenished with energy. The result? Better ease of movement, increased flexibility and a sense of peaceful well-being. I do a “short form” almost every morning that takes all of ten minutes, one of the helpful ways I have found to live with Marfan syndrome.

Tai chi originated thousands of years ago as part of the ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The movements have their origins in martial arts, but are performed slowly, with controlled breathing and an awareness of the flow of energy inside the body. Tai chi has been called “moving meditation.”

Studies have found that Tai chi strengthens the immune system and can help with pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee. In other research, Tai chi has been found to improve balance and coordination in older people, and reduce falls. It can also help with osteoporisis by  increasing bone density.

All in all, not a bad ten-minute investment of time. Anyone else have Tai chi stories to share?

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One response to “Why I Like Tai Chi

  1. Hi Roanne,

    I love what you said about, “getting hooked up to a universal “filling station” and being replenished with energy.” It is so true. When I practice Tai Chi it’s like the form does the work – just moving through the form shifts my energy and any excess strain and stress just falls away. Bodily tension is reduced and my mind quiets down. My focus becomes quite clear and I experience this life force energy, (known as Chi), flowing through me with amazement and relief. Thing is, what seems so magical is actually as natural as can be.

    This Tai Chi short form is so accesible too since it can be done in 10 minutes, although I often go for a second or third round.

    I also practice the 108 movement long form and Tai Chi Sword. I would never say that my middle name is grace but since learning Tai Chi I do have my moments of ‘grace’ in both physically and in peace of mind. The universe provides!


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