Extraordinary videos of babies in the womb

Two new videos have been added to the Your Developing Baby website showing two- and three-dimensional images of babies moving in the womb. Unless you’ve been spending time in an ultrasound room, you have never seen anything like this. (Just click on the “Video” button along the top bar.)


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5 responses to “Extraordinary videos of babies in the womb

  1. duanesherry

    I often wonder about the debate about ‘miracles’ – those who insist there is no such thing versus those who are certain miracles exist.

    I don’t think we need to necessarily involve the supernatural to find ‘miracles’.

    We have plenty of them in the most natural parts of our experience – the birth of our own babies.

    I was with my wife during her sonograms – and saw both of my sons before they were born. It was amazing at the time, and watching them grow outside the womb is equally awesome.

    Thanks for posting this – fantastic!

    Do I personally believe in miracles?

    I think life itself is a miracle.



  2. Duane,
    As usual, your words are beautiful expressions of the mystery and poetry of life.


  3. Barb

    What a miracle it is to see my own son find his special place in this world through his beautiful and insightful writings and his gift for working with those in need. My son is Duane.


  4. How proud you must be of him! He is indeed special.


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