More Evidence About the Health Benefits of Cold Showers

Two detailed and lengthy comments about research on the health benefits and history of cold water bathing were recently posted here. This is a fascinating dialogue, made all the more so by the care with which the writers of these comments have described their own research and sources. I appreciate your efforts and would especially like to know more about the writer called “cold shower,” whose post is dated May 22. Can you tell us something about yourself, your interests, and your work?


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6 responses to “More Evidence About the Health Benefits of Cold Showers


    Hi there. I was chronically ill with throat infections for more than 10 years. Doctor’s only answer was to fill me up with antibiotics to the point that the only thing left for them to do was to take my tonsils out. That also didn’t work. The only things that worked were cold showers and raw garlic. Guess modern medicine only works in acute situations (sometimes).


  2. Robert,

    Yours is an astute observation: Conventional medicine does better in acute situations (heart attack, trauma, etc.); natural medicine is superior in chronic conditions.

    Why? because most chronic conditions stem from unhealthy habits: diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis, obesity, and so on. Better lifestyle choices will improve health because the body has an innate ability (and seemingly a wish) to get better.

    What better way to start the New Year with the resolution to better health: Cold water, movement, fresh food, herbs, order?

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D.


  3. Arthur from San Francisco

    Cold showers are a health panacea. And they’re free!

    I take a minimum of two LONG cold showers each and every day, for up to eleven minutes at a time. Since I began the cold shower discipline my health has become nearly perfect, and I do vigorous athletic training (boxing, weight lifting, aerobics) three or four times a week.

    Not only is my mood consistently positive, but my energy and attitude are sky high.

    Take note: I am a man of 64 years.


  4. Dear Arthur,

    Good for you – you found the right regimen!

    But not everybody – every body – is that strong. So we usually don’t recommend such long showers.

    Then again, you are in California! Probably, where you can stay minutes in the cold water, we at the East Coast do seconds. – I just was in Vermont this weekend where we measured minus eighteen degrees Fahrenheit at night – and slept with window open!

    Continue your good life, Arthur!

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D.


  5. julie

    i have been forced to have cold showers the past two weeks due to my hot water system dying on me. Cant afford to get it fixed ( vet and horses with sore feet are sucking the money away) nor replace it with a solar system as i would like . Reading this info makes me feel better that i wont harm myself .Better invest in a rubber mat because i could have a fall with the first jolt of cold water in winter !! Its hard to get under but is ok once i catch my breath and my skin does feel softer.


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