Alexander Technique for Depression

This is the beginning of an interesting post about the Alexander Technique as a treatment for depression and mental illness: “In our culture today the connection between physical and emotional problems is gaining currency. Surprisingly, the best answer to coping with the stresses of life is by using a hands-on approach that straightens the body. This technique can help in balancing moods, changing behavioural patterns and managing life’s challenges.”

I have studied the Alexander Technique for years and found it useful for body alignment and functioning without pain. The beneficial effect on depression and psychological problems is news to me, but I can certainly believe it. Here is a link to the post. And here is a link for more information about the Technique.


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3 responses to “Alexander Technique for Depression

  1. Hi Roanne, Here is an interesting comment to my Blog post from one of the people who had a ‘testimonial’ in this article.
    ‘Hello Sheralyn Rennert from your blog i have came to know a lot about Alexander Technique which has been used as a treatment for Mental Illness. From this I came to Know that the Alexander Technique is a method of bringing the way we move under our conscious direction and avoiding a buildup of muscular tension.’ F.M. Alexander meant by one of the priciples he purported called psycho-physical unity. Thanks for sharing this link Roanne, Jamee


  2. Bill Vroom

    I found the article made a lot of sense. I’ve had Alexander Technique lessons in the past and I certainly felt a lot better as a result, both mentally and physically. I think one reason why it could benefit people with mental illness is that in taking lessons you learn how to make changes in your ability to function yourself, and this can be very empowering. has a wealth on information about the Technique.


  3. duanesherry

    Great post!



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